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Shadow Puppets

« York fait pression sur Ian Shaw pour qu’il retrouve Emily Prime qui mène toujours l’enquête. Il se rappelle sa vie d’avant avec Nomi. Peter Quayle découvre Lambert Prime en prison. Ce dernier tente de le faire chanter en révélant à tous que Shadow n’est autre que son épouse, Claire. »

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Twin Cities

1987, à Berlin Est, Yanek a le projet de passer à l’ouest avec sa famille. Mais un incident au cœur du synchrotron entraîne la division de son monde en deux, et il se retrouve face à son double. Pour ces deux scientifiques, l’occasion est trop belle : Yanek décide de repousser son passage à l’ouest afin de pouvoir se livrer à une grande expérience avec son double et leurs collègues.

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The Only 6 Stretches You Need to Become Flexible

Whether you spend all day hunched over a computer or stand up for long periods of time, it’s normal to feel aches in your upper and lower back. But there’s good news! There are easy stretches you can do to finally give your back some much-needed relief.

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A little test for you 0:48

Passive to active hanging 1:21

The trunk rotation stretch 3:14

The camel stretch 3:43

Deep squat and reach 4:17

The hip flexor stretch 5:04

The Jefferson curl 6:11

Music by Epidemic Sound

– Stand up straight, feet about shoulder-width apart, arms relaxed at your sides. Now slowly curl your back and lower your head to the ground without bending your legs. How far did you get? If you’re not used to stretching or have weaker muscles, you may not have been able to get down too far.
– Stretching out your back is key to helping your muscles feel good and relaxed no matter what you’re doing. And the hanging stretch is a great way to relieve your back muscles from tension!
– To do a passive hang stretch, you’ll need a bar strong enough to hold your body weight. You can use one on a back machine at the gym or even a door frame pull-up bar.
– The trunk rotation stretch is great for improving the mobility of your spine by relaxing your side trunk muscles. All you do is lie down flat on your back with your legs relaxed. Take one leg, bend it upward, and push it over the other leg without straightening it out.
– The camel stretch is all about arching your back, which can really help back muscles that are stiff and sore from sitting down all day.
– Deep squat and reach is great for shoulder extension, and it really helps stretch your upper back. It does require a little bit of balance and strength.
– If you suffer from lower back pain and sit at a desk all day, this hip flexor stretch can be really helpful. When you do a lot of sitting, your hip muscles can become tight, so when you finally do stand up, these tightened hip muscles actually pull the lower back forward.
– The Jefferson curl is great for flexibility since it helps you get to a place where you can fully fold your body in half and touch the ground while standing.
– Training your muscles, even while stretching, takes time. If you do these stretches every day, they’ll become easier over time, and your back pain will decrease more and more.

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